yForce for Managing Workers Away from Office - Mobile Workforce Management

yForce is a complex mobile system for monitoring, planning and managing operation of workforce in the field, so called mobile workforce management.

Workers in field can work faster and more efficiently using mobile devices (PDA, laptop, handheld, toughbook, smartphone), including intelligent navigation.

It enables dispatchers and managers to oversee, manage and coordinate workers, anywhere and  in real time using a dispatcher application.

The yForce mobile system is designed for workers in the field, service workforces and rescue teams, sales representatives working away from their base.

yForce Technology

yForce is designed for companies who have their information system but lack a good solution for managing mobile teams with support of map, navigation and communication services.

yForce has a three-layer architecture consiting of an application server, central database and two software applications – yForce Dispatcher for the dispatchers to plan and manage the work of mobile teams in real time and yForce Mobile for mobile teams with a variety of mobile devices (PDA, tablet PC, smartphone, handheld). yForce is a platform independent solution, which is easy to modify and integrate into company systems. User interface can be modified according to clients requirements.

How does yForce work in practice?

Dispatcher loggs into his dispatcher applicationyForce. The dispatcher application displays the daily plan of preventive maintenance for all mobile teams. The dispatcher looks at each teams real position, distributes new and unassigned repair tasks. He assigns new task to mobile teams that have time or are close to the area. During the day, the dispatcher monitors how mobile teams report completed tasks. Mobile teams also report new necessayr repairs, send pictures and audios. If mobile teams have time left, these taks are also allocated. Some task are redistributed to other teams, because they are located closer to the task. The dispatcher receives a few notifications for delayed service due to a variety of reasons. The dispatcher checks weekly and monthly plans and assigns other tasks, He can check the status of all tasks and look at detailed reports. Some tasks remain unfinished and will be assigned the next day.

Mobile team leader or individual worker (according to the way field activity is organised in each company) loggs into his personal account via his mobile device yForce and displays the list of daily tasks, details, location, task priority, or pictures, situation drawings or or other technical information.  He can synchronise the device with company databases straight in the field. At the beginning of a task and after finishing it he marks start and end and continues to another task, with or without navigation, as needed. During the day he works on own tasks (or manages his workforce), discovers other needed repairs, photographs and describes the status using the mobile device. The dispatcher receives this information as a new task. At the end of the workday the worker doent spand time filling out forms in the databases or on paper. All has been saved in the SAP PM by the yForce system.

yForce Benefits

  • on-line access to company databases
  • actual overview about in-progress and finished task 
  • employees flexibility
  • reduction of mistakes and redundancy of the datasets
  • field worker has perfect overview about his tasks
  • independent of the client mobile device
  • easy and intuitive operation with the system
  • cost and time saving 
  • easy to integrate with other enterprise systems
  • Flexible planning process supporting geodecision features.
  • On-line access to corporate ERP, CRM, AM/FM databases from the field.
  • Accurate overview of the task progress in the back-office.
  • Possibility to track geographic position of the field force enhances effective planning.
  • Better resources overview and scheduling brings costs savings.
  • The way to higher productivity is more than open.

  • Smart implementation: easy integration into existing corporate IT, mobile device independent, embracing industry system and data standards.



The Operator/Dispatcher schedules task accessing company ERP, CRM, AM/FM databases and using geographic information about the event in the field and available resources. Comprehensive task information is sent to the field and flexible progress screening changes the quality of the field process.