YMS Received Prestigious Award from IBM

17th December 2015 -

IBM awarded YMS for successful implementation of IBM Content Manager in the European project: Improvement and completion of digitization of cultural, scientific and intellectual heritage and accessing of Geofond digital content and Central Geological Library of the Slovak Republic.

Thanks to this project the State Geological Institute of Dionyz Stur (SGIDS), in cooperation with YMS, introduced a modern digitizing line, for which YMS provided hardware and software. We used two different IBM technologies to facilitate the process. IBM Content Manager to administer and manage documents, and IBM Content Navigator to serve as an innovative user interface. “Our programming team tuned, customized and combined them with several components such as IBM Content Analytics Watson, or OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition).This way we created a unique solution, thanks to which more than 45000 objects were transferred to electronic form in a short time. This represents more than two million pages of text and more than 100-thousand pages of graphic attachments,” says YMS Chief Operating Officer Marek Ivaňák.

The New Digital Archive SGIDS is the part of digital line, which we made available to the wide general and professional public at the GeoInfoPortal. There are geological objects in electronic form as final reports, reviews of Geofond Archive, documents issued by SGIDS, monographs, anthologies, atlases, professional articles, parts of history books and professional journals specializing in the geology. Access to the content of the Archive is through simple registration. ”We provide all digitally processed documents free of charge. In early 2016, we plan a novelty. We will process objects of interest, not published in the digital archive, at  request of researcher, " Štefan Káčer, responsible for the project and Head of the Informatics Department SGIDS brings positive information.

We implemented the most modern full-text search in the archive. ”Scanned objects are processed by OCR technology, which converts objects to editable and searchable data. Researcher enters a search term and the Archive displays all documents containing this term and moreover, words related to it. We transformed common searching to smart, thanks to the used innovative technology IBM Watson,” explains the benefits of the new version of the Archive Marek Ivaňák. Thanks to the full-text search, user finds everything about selected issues of interest. He may even discover features that he did not know existed and are part of the Archive.

"We choose the best technology for our customers, we develop and integrate it according to their needs. Therefore we are pleased when except for a satisfied client we also get an award from our technology partner, as it is in this case from IBM, "says pleased YMS Sales Director for Government, Milan Kánya.


Photo: SGIDS and YMS