GeoSpatial Visions 2016 Introduced IT trend: Internet of Things

21th September 2016 -

Another year of the favorite professional and social conference of YMS, GeoSpatial Visions 2016, was held on the 8th and 9th September 2016 in the Šachtička hotel in Banská Bystrica. Users of YMS systems, as well as new clients and partners from the IT industry met during the event. Partners of the conference were Oracle, provider of software and database solutions and Keners company, creator of IoT solutions (IoT - Internet of Things) based on the technology Sigfox.

Conference program consisted of two blocks. In the first part, YMS news of the last year were presented by users themselves and co-creators of YMS technical and geospatial information systems. Experts from the gas company Eustream and forest state enterprises Forests of the Slovak Republic and Military Forests and Estates of the Slovak republic proved how they uniquely use the latest version of our Geospatial information system ySpatial. Eustream additionally introduced an innovation of the electronic trading dispatching yCapacity – an autopilot. Archaeologist from the civic association Naše Smolenice explained how the airborne laser scanning (LiDAR) technology helped to detect new structures at the archaeological site Smolenice-Molpír. The blok was concluded by the president of the non-profit organization Partnerships for prosperity (PPP) with the theme - IT projects funding options through EU funds.

The second part of the conference brought more freshness - a panel discussion focused on innovative technology Internet of Things. Discussion participants were representatives of companies - SimpleCell Networks, Oracle, Military Forests and Estates and also YMS, the organizer of the conference. The diversity of panelists created a broad overview of the issue and showed an interesting potential application of the IoT in practice. Audience was interested in the theme as evidenced by a lively debate that continued even after the official program.

We believe that the conference fulfilled your expectations and was beneficial to you, whether professionally or socially. We are honored that your satisfaction survey rating was very positive. Thank you for your favorable feedback and we are looking forward to seeing you at next year's GeoSpatial Visions.