Foresters from Military Forests and Estates Reach Finish Line Again

18th October 2016 –

Already more than ten years ago, Military Forests and Estates, a state-owned enterprise (MFE) used the most advanced geographic information system (GIS) of that time. However, new technologies entered the market over time and along with them grew users’ requirements. Therefore the MFE decided to replace the whole solution by the new generation from YMS software laboratory again. After more than a year of MFE and YMS’s intensive cooperation, a new ySpatial has become reality. Military foresters rank again between the best technologically managed forestry organizations in the area of geospatial systems.

MFE decided to modernize the system at all levels. Significant development took place at database storage, and server technology. Users received data, a technologically and functionally enriched and improved GIS, which is based on the ESRI platform. Through an intuitive web interface, they have access not only to the data, but also to advanced editing functions, which only robust desktop GIS systems normally contain. “We use the map portal to manage our whole agenda. Foresters primarily record all activities related to felling and silvicultural processes in the system. Through a specific layer called hunting, they keep records of hunted forest animals including their photo documentation and names of the hunters. MFE is still solving ongoing restitution proceedings and therefore, in addition to our employees, lawyers from the restitution department also work with the portal. They record information about issued parcels and their owners into the GIS, so we have an overview, which plots have already been settled and which are still in the process,” describes using the new system by concrete examples MFE Chief Information Officer, Miroslav Čongrády.    

Change of solution at first required a system architecture design. “MFE consists of four independent branch plants with their own IT infrastructure. Therefore, we created the architecture as a single centralized solution. Users have access to data or permission to update them according to their allocated rights or their job positions,” clarifies the core of the solution YMS project manager, Štefan Hudák. Along with individual GIS parts update, a migration of collected data was carried out, from a previous version to the new. YMS teams extended the database with MFE collected data that the original solution did not contain, as well as, data from third parties, such the Land Registry.

Deployment of the new GIS was successful, according to the established plan. “We appreciate that after years of mutual cooperation, MFE chose again YMS as a project partner. It is an important feedback for us, which means confidence expression and satisfaction with our services. We believe that the new map portal will meet expectations of users and will facilitate them the fulfillment of their everyday work tasks,” concludes Štefan Hudák.

Illustration photo: YMS and Eustream.