Successful ySpatial Impressed Foreign Magazines

23rd June 2016 -

Geographic Information System of Forests of the Slovak Republic (GIS FSR) belongs not only among key YMS products, but also among unique systems of its kind in Slovakia. These facts are confirmed by the prestigious prize, Special Achievement in GIS Award 2015, from the American company ESRI, as well as by the interest of foreign magazines. The story about the system’s formation, development and an unexpected test was published with the headline „THE ILL WIND THAT BLEW SOME GOOD“ by the international monthly GeoConnexion and under the title  „Co přinesla větrná kalamita lesníkům“ by the Czech magazine ArcRevue.

Article publishing in professional journals pleased the whole LSR and YMS team of specialists, which has developed ySpatial from its first draft all the way to a comprehensive system development plan in less than three years. The system development progresses at breakneck speed. Experts completed one of the most important development phases less than a year ago. Since the authors wrote the story, experts incorporated into the GIS other thirty changes. You can read more about the most interesting of them in the article GIS Slovak Forests Enriched with More Functionalities.