YMS Introduced Business Intelligence and ySpatial Connection

18th May 2016 -

Terms as Big Data and Business Intelligence (BI) resonate in the today's IT world. YMS follows IT technologies trends and uses them flexibly for creation of intelligent systems and solutions. Therefore, on 18th May 2016, we actively participated in the professional conference BellaDati & Slovakia 2016 focused on Business Intelligence (BI) and the BellaDati platform. YMS, as the leader in GIS solutions in Slovakia,  was represented by Miroslav Holubec, YMS Director for Research and Innovation Projects, with the theme: "Using the BellaDati platform in geospatial applications."

Miroslav Holubec presented the map portal ySpatial, which belongs not only to the key YMS products, but also among unique solutions of its kind. This is proven by a prestigious award from ESRI, by dynamic system development as well as by its continuous innovation. Current technological GIS innovation is a specialized BI module called Spatial Decision Module (SDM), which uses BellaDati to communicate with its platform. YMS team included it into the ySpatial and thanks to that made full use of BellaDati functionalities. Like this the team extended the possibilities of its usage, for example by mapping analyzes i.e. spatial analyzes.

“We regard our cooperation with BellaDati very highly. We see the main benefit in the technical possibilities of the platform. We are ready to use planned news, especially practices relating to Machine Learning – a science discipline focused on intelligent computers that are capable to learn,” explains the meaning of the platform Miroslav Holubec.


Illustration photo: BellaDati a YMS.